Cold Calling Sucks

By Ken Kurtz

Cold calling sucks.

Ok, maybe you’re a masochist and actually like it.

But if you fall in the middle of the bell curve like the rest of us, you’d rather have hemorrhoids removed, than cold call.

I used to be in the mergers and acquisitions business. When I started, I had no network or connections, so I did what most beginners do:

I grabbed a directory and started smiling and dialing.

After 30 calls, I spoke to two decision makers. The rest were busy signals (remember those?), no answers, wrong phone numbers, hang ups and the almost insurmountable obstacle of getting past the administrative assistant.

I kept at it and every day set aside a couple of hours for the drudgery.

After many months I was actually getting some business. But it was terribly inefficient. Not to mention, I dreaded those two hours and found myself spending at least as much time procrastinating before them.

After a couple years of this torture, I found a book about direct mail and decided to give it a whirl.

What happened next was one of the most bittersweet moments of my life: direct mail was a big, big success.

It was sweet, because for the cost of about $500 in printing, postage, paper and ink I brought in at least 2-3 months of business.

It was an hour or two a month of relaxing effort versus 40-60 hours of painstaking rejections.

Best of all, the callers were actually calling me and were interested in my offer.

I wasn’t speaking to people who had absolutely no interest in my offer and who were actually annoyed to hear my voice.

It was bitter, because I spent two years of my life hating two hours of every working day.

Time I’ll never get back.

But I quickly overcame the bitterness and within three years grew my business from zero to nearly $2 million a year in net profits in the third year. I had made nearly $5 million in profits over the three year period.

What a revelation. And, I hear similar stories time and time again. Business owners wake up from the cold call nightmare and awaken to something far less costly and painful and their business explodes.

Today, there is a term for this form of marketing:

It’s called “attraction marketing”.

Essentially it just means that instead of chasing business, you attract business.

You use inexpensive advertising or direct mail to get your message out, and if someone has a need, they call you.

Those who don’t do business with you right away, go into an automated sales funnel so you’re top-of-mind when the time is right.

Before long, you get to decide who you’ll do business with.

It blows away all other forms of marketing in my opinion.

And now, using internet tools like an “autoresponder,” you can automate the process and do it for peanuts.

If you haven’t created an autoresponder for your business, do it now.

If you need help, call me at 888-503-0043.

Or call anyone.

Just do it.

It’ll become one of your greatest marketing tools.

We’ll explain more why it’s so valuable in future posts.

Discover how to launch your business profits through the power of attraction marketing, and never make another cold call again.

Stay tuned!

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