41 Niche Markets with Hungry Buyers Craving Your Products and Services

By Ken Kurtz

kennykurtzA common mistake made by people starting a business is to begin with a product or service first, then find a market second.  This is a bassackwards means of building a business. Successful marketers FIRST find niche markets of hungry buyers with a craving or urgent need.  Then, they find a product to fill that craving or need.

Just because you have a hobby of say, puzzles, doesn’t mean you’re going to find a rabid market willing to throw money at you.

It’s a great exercise to spend some time making a list of niche markets that you can think of that have an urgent need, or that crave products and have a tendency to be repeat buyers.

Here is just a partial list to help you on your way to finding your own niche markets.  These are markets that have proven themselves over time. In no special order, these are:

  1. Business Opportunity Seekers in MLM, home based businesses, internet businesses.
  2. Real estate investors & flippers.
  3. Weight Loss.
  4. Credit Repair.
  5. Debt consolidation.
  6. Herbal Supplements.
  7. Dating.
  8. Porn.
  9. Anonymous chat with the opposite sex.
  10. Attracting Women, attracting men
  11. Law of Attraction
  12. Golf
  13. Guitar
  14. Gamblers with money problems
  15. Day traders
  16. People needing pain relief: Head, back, tooth
  17. Job hunters
  18. Stop foreclosure
  19. Settle taxes with the IRS
  20. Divorce
  21. DUI
  22. Sales & marketing information
  23. Saving Relationships
  24. Affairs
  25. Pets
  26. Payday loans
  27. Professional exam prep
  28. Getting laid off from work
  29. Sexual problems
  30. Fertility problems
  31. Stress management / anxiety
  32. Last minute gifts
  33. Parents with Kids with legal problems
  34. Drug tests
  35. Selling a home
  36. Poker
  37. Online gambling
  38. Bankruptcy
  39. Grant money
  40. College financial aid
  41. Gamers

Use this list along with your list to develop sub-niches.

Later, we’ll identify sources of products and information to provide to these niche markets.

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