Your List – Your Key to a Lifetime of Passive, Auto-Pilot Income

What do you think is your most valuable asset as a businessperson?  Your employees, your real estate, your inventory? Certainly, these are all valuable. But without customers, you couldn’t afford to have any of these.

Your customer is your most valuable asset. That includes prospective customers.

If you haven’t already heard it a hundred times, you’re going to get hit over the head again with the phrase “the money is in the list”.

You’re not going to get rich on the Internet selling a $27 e-book. You have a better chance by building a list of your e-book buyers and selling them other stuff over and over again.

In fact, you should put on the list anyone who has even inquired about your ebook or whatever it is you offer.

Starting NOW, you want to have one goal for your Internet business: to build a giant list of people interested in the niche you have chosen.

This list is your retirement. It’s your key to a four hour work week and a life of passive, auto-pilot income.

That’s because each person on your list should be bringing you $1.00 per month. So if you have a list of 10,000 people, you should have a passive income of $10,000 a month from doing nothing but sending them a few e-mail offers a month.

You also want your list to be “responsive” rather than “compiled’.

A compiled list is like a list of names you copy from the yellow pages. You don’t have a relationship with them.

A responsive list is a list of those who have specifically inquired about your product or opportunity. A list like this is 10 times more valuable than a compiled list.

Through the internet, you can build your list using a a “squeeze page” and an “opt-in” form.

A “squeeze page” is simply a very short web page with a compelling headline and offer. It asks the visitor for some basic information in exchange for providing even more valuable information.

The visitor provides this basic information such as “name” or “email address,” on a form. When they submit the form, they have “opted in”.

Once “opted-in,” they are essentially “responsive” and each is now worth at least $1.00 a month to you. Provided, that is, thatyou treat them well and continue to offer them valuable information and offers.

Later we’ll explain how to create a squeeze page and an opt-in form.  We’ll also explain how to ensure you provide value to your list, because your list is so valuable to you.

Stay Tuned.

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